Waiting Room Management Software Built for Urgent Care

No more patients waiting in line
at the clinic

waiting room management

 A virtual waiting room in 3 easy steps 

 Patients get added to a virtual line in no time 
virtual waiting room
To join the queue, patients register online or at the clinic by scanning a QR code 
virtual waiting room
Patients fill out a short form and are automatically added to the virtual line.
virtual waiting room
Patients receive periodic notifications and make their way to the clinic when it's time for their consultation
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Managing your waiting room with Pomelo

Provide a stress-free environment
for clinic staff 

Ensure safe social distancing for all 

Keep patients in the loop at all times 
waiting room management
waiting room management

See more patients, increase revenue

Waiting room management
software for Urgent Care

Easy and fast implementation
Fully configurable
No integration needed

 An application for real-time update and notifications 

 With the Pomelo application, patients can 
pomelo application
Register for a medical appointment in just a few clicks
pomelo application
Wait wherever they want and monitor their progress in the line, in real time.
pomelo application
Enter the clinic when it’s exactly their turn!

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